What does a Zero Point Flopper do in Fortnite Chapter 2, season 5?

Image via Epic Games

Fortnite Chapter Two, season five’s release has introduced a plethora of fishing options—and one Flopper, in particular, is drawing some attention. 

The Zero Point Flopper is a purple fish with scale-like features in its coloration that resemble the new “Zero Point Crystals” that were added to the game with the start of the new season.

As you might expect, these Floppers will act the exact same as a Zero Point Crystal when used. For a period of time after consuming the fish, you’ll become capable of doing short dashes that practically teleport you in whatever direction you’re facing. 

If you’ve played Overwatch before, imagine having Tracer’s “Blink” ability as a part of your inventory. When used properly, this fish has the potential to lead to some high skill cap plays.

To this point, Zero Point Floppers appear to be fishable anywhere on the map at any time—and you don’t even need to have a Pro Fishing Rod to catch one. 

With 40 different varieties of fish available in the game right now, you might have to get lucky to nab one of these bad boys and run circles around your opponents both literally and figuratively.