It looks like Kratos is joining Fortnite’s latest season •

Skin leaked following Sony’s tease.

Fortnite’s latest season has been live for less than a day, but already there’s confirmation that more than just Star Wars’ Mandalorian and Baby Yoda will showing up to do a turn in Epic’s cross-media marketing juggernaut (and battle royale game), starting with God of War’s Kratos.

The teases started over on the official PlayStation Twitter feed, which posted a short clip in which Fortnite’s in-game overseer Agent Jonesy discusses doing some research on the next character he’s bringing into the game – a mystery man who’s “literally vanquished multiple gods with his bare hands in a fit of uncontrollable rage”.

If that rather heavy handed clue wasn’t enough to tip you off to the character’s identity, it wasn’t long before Fortnite poster Hypex shared a number of images, one displaying the new Kratos skin in all its majestically bearded glory, and another of the skin being used in-game.

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There’s not much more to report until either Sony or Epic makes Kratos’ arrival (presumably as a PlayStation-exclusive skin) officially official, but it certainly opens the door for more franchise cameos as Fortnie’s Season 2, Chapter 5 progresses.

The Witcher’s Geralt would be the obvious platform agnostic choice, and then, of course, there’s Metroid’s Samus Aran for Switch. As for Microsoft and the Xbox community, I think we can all agree the only logical choice would be Binx the Cat.

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