Fortnite XP Glitch: Players exploit season 5 infinite xp glitch to level up quickly, Free XP compensation

Players have leveled up extremely fast in Fortnite season 5 thanks to an xp glitch. Epic have patched the glitch and all players will get 50,000 free xp.

Fortnite season 5 launched yesterday with some large changes to the map along with new features and a brand new battle pass. With every new season, we get brand new challenges and quests to complete.

The challenge table that we’ve had for the past couple of seasons is no more. Players complained about the clutter on the challenge table, but this seasons challenge system seems more confusing to a number of players.

Fortnite challenges usually release on Thursday, but with the new season release, Epic released the week 1 challenges yesterday. There aren’t any punch cards this season, nor are xp coins as of week 1, but the legacies/achievements for season 5 suggest we’ll be getting coins in the future.

One of the challenges that was released yesterday required players to discover named locations. Whilst completing this challenge, YouTuber Glitch King came across an XP glitch that provides infinite XP.

Fortnite Season 5 XP Glitch

XP Glitches in past Fortnite seasons have required players to jumping in an exact spot or performing some ridiculously hard task in order for the glitch to work. However, the season 5 glitch was extremely easy to perform.

Players need to keep running back and forth in a small area in Weeping Woods. The glitch would keep providing 8K XP for discovering the location over and over. Players could keep running around the spot to get an infinite amount of XP.

xp glitch Fortnite Season 5

Players used the glitch to level up quickly with some players hitting level 300 on the first day of the season. There’s no information in regards to whether the XP will be removed from or accounts being banned for exploiting this glitch.

The Fortnite Status account stated the challenge was temporarily disabled in due to an ‘issue’.

Discover named locations challenge disabled