How to complete Bounties in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 5

Fortnite’s new season, chapter two, season five, went live earlier today after the previous one wrapped up in the most epic way possible. The cast of Marvel heroes, featured throughout the season, went head-to-head against Galactus and the world-devourer was defeated with a little help by millions of Fortnite players.

Though all seemed fine and the Fortnite world looked to be saved after the event, it turned out that Galactus was able to cause enough damage to the End Point to start a loop. Agent Jones informed the players of his efforts to bring together the most elite squad of hunters of the universe, to make sure no one escapes the loop. It wouldn’t be a great Fortnite patch with new mechanics to go alongside the story, however,.and Epic Games introduced the Bounty system in addition to all the changes.

The Bounties are practically in-game challenges which you can only obtain after loading into a match of Fortnite. You’ll need to find NPCs that give out these quests to start doing them, however, and they seem to be scattered around the map.

When you interact with an NPC, you’ll be given a chance to pick from quite a few different bounties, but you’ll only be able to carry one with you. 

Finishing a Bounty quest will net you gold bars that can be used for purchasing weapons, items, or anything of the sort from the same NPCs that give out the Bounties.

Here’s an NPC location that was discovered by the players, but note that there are many more around the map. It isn’t clear whether these NPCs move around the map with each game yet, but the speech bubble that appears when you get close to them should help you locate the NPCs.

Screengrab via Epic Games – Remix via Aidan O’Brien

What are Bounty challenges in Fortnite chapter 2, season 5?

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