Fortnite Chapter Two, Season Five: Zero Point story trailer revealed

Image via Epic Games

With the conclusion of Fortnite Chapter Two, Season Four Epic Games have finally given players their first look at what is to come in season five.

The Story trailer picks up right where the end of season event finished off with Jonesy waking up inside the agency.

After answering the phone Jonesy is tasked with stabilizing the zero point and ensuring nobody escapes the loop. To do this he uses a machine to locate the best hunters in all the realities before being sucked into the zero point transporting him to a new map.

Season Five will be titled Zero Point and appears to follow Jonesy as he recruits the best hunters throughout all realities to help him ensure no one escapes the loop.

In the Battle Pass trailer, we get our first look at the hunters who Jonesy has assembled beginning with The Mandalorian from Disney’s Star Wars spin-off series and including a range of different characters.

Season Four concluded with an end of season event that saw players team up with popular Marvel heroes to takedown Galactus. During this event, the destroyer of worlds targeted the zero-point looking to absorb its power and destroy all reality. During the duration of the event, players worked to defeat the villain using Battle Busses full of explosives to destroy Galactus, however, it would appear the threat is not completely dealt with. As the event ended we saw Jonesy wake up where he begins inside Season Five’s trailer.