Common Fortnite terms and their meanings

The gaming world entered its battle royale stage in 2017. The hype train left the station with PUBG’s release in March 2017, and the ultimate victor of the genre, Fortnite, jumped on the rails around September of the same year.

While each battle royale title is fundamentally different from each other, Fortnite was quicker to turn itself into something more than a game. Fortnite successfully created its own universe and has been delivering in terms of content ever since. Players have witnessed popular artists throwing in-game events, and even superheroes taking their fight to the Fortnite world.

Like how it is with most countries and creations with their own universes, Fortnite also developed a slang of its own. If you’ve never played Fortnite or any other battle royale title, then you may have a hard time understanding what your teammates are talking about in the game’s voice chat.

You’ll eventually pick up all the Fortnite glossary and terms as you continue to play. But taking a quick look at them can give you a head start, which has the potential of helping you secure a Victory Royales as you’re learning the ropes.


90s is a specialized building technique, considered as one of the fastest methods of reaching a player who has the high ground advantage. This is a rather advanced method of building and requires a certain level of practicing.

You need to place two walls, a floor, and a ramp which allow you to make 90-degree turns as you make your way up.


ADS is the shortened version of aim down sight. You can aim down the sights with almost all weapons in Fortnite by using your right mouse click. Using ADS will increase your accuracy.


Fortnite had its fair share of hackers during its early days, but it’s safe to say that it’s almost impossible to run into cheaters these days. Aimbot is a popular cheat type in shooter games, and it’s also used to describe players with pinpoint accurate shots.

Image via Epic Games

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