Fortnite Black Friday Deals – V-Bucks Black Friday Darkfire Bundle Deal

Epic Games have participated in the Black Friday deals for Fortnite.

It’s the day where everyone is trying to get the best deals on the items they’ve had their eye on for most of the year. Epic Games have participated in Black Friday for the second time, offering games available on the Epic Games store for discounted prices.

However, we haven’t really seen any Fortnite Black Friday deals. There were leaks from the v11.20 Fortnite update which included strings for Black Friday deals, however, I don’t remember there being any major deals of note for Black Friday on Fortnite.

Fortnite Black Friday
Fortnite Black Friday

This year, Epic Games have decided to offer a Fortnite Black Friday deal, but it’s just the one deal for a bundle that was released some time ago. Either way, it’s a pretty good deal if you were after this particular bundle.

Darkfire Bundle Black Friday Discount

The Fortnite Darkfire bundle includes 3 legendary skins, 2 legendary back blings, 3 rare dual-wielding pickaxe, 3 epic wraps, and one emote. It was first released in October 2019 for £24.99/$29.99 (USD).

Fortnite Dark Fire Bundle
Fortnite Dark Fire Bundle

For Black Friday, Epic Games have decided to offer the Darkfire Fortnite bundle for just £10.99. They’ve listed it as a Black Friday deal and you can purchase it by going to the Fortnite Item Shop and scrolling all the way down.

You’ll find the Darkfire Bundle at the bottom under “limited time” on the right of the Street Serpent Pack.

Black Friday Fortnite Deal

There’s no other Black Friday deals for Fortnite unfortunately, but at least there’s one good deal players can take advantage of.

How to get cheaper V-Bucks on Black Friday

Players can take advantage of sites like CD Keys in order to get themselves cheaper V-Bucks than what Epic Games are offering on Fortnite. There aren’t any Black Friday deals for Fortnite V-Bucks, but you can use these deals to bag a bargain.

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