The 10 best Fortnite cosmetic packs

Fortnite is full of cosmetic items players can use to modify their appearance as they attempt to outlast the competition and claim a victory royale.

Over the years since the game’s release, there have been hundreds of unique skins released as well as accessories such as gliders and black blings—some matching, others to be exclusive.

Fortunately for players, Fortnite often bundles similar cosmetic items together, so players have access to the entire set in a single purchase. On top of the matching components, purchasing a bundle with help the player save V-Bucks since purchasing each item separately will cost more than the bundle.

Here are our top 10 favorite cosmetic packs in Fortnite.

Lava Legends

Image via Epic Games

Released on March 29, 2019, Lava Legends provided players with some of the most visually impressive skins at that time. For just $19.99, players would get two unique character skins, a glider, and two back blings.

Sticking to the lava theme, these character skins were variants of Battle Hound and Valkyrie with molten lava running through their armor. In the case of Battle Hound, flames burned from behind his mask. The glider was among the most popular from this set, boasting a dragon named Lavawing that would burn through the sky carrying players down to the battlefield. The two back blings included were a crested cape and a set of wings to suit the Valkyrie skin.

The Astronomical Bundle

Image via Epic Games

Released to celebrate Travis Scott’s virtual performance in the game, the Astronomical Bundle was available in the store for a limited time at a price of 2,500 V-Bucks. This bundle included two skins and two back blings.

The first is a skin modeled after the rapper himself, including a variant where Scott can be seen to have cybernetics under his skin. The other skin, Astro Jack, appears to be a spaceman equipped with a space helmet as well as some stylish clothes. The variant for this skin will see his head change to a globe with…