New feature brings video chat to Fortnite

The ongoing battle between Apple and Epic Games rages on, with no resolution in sight. Mac and iOS players are the real victims, here, as they’re unable to play Fortnite on the platform that they own.

On the plus side, Nvidia’s GeForce Now allows Mac players to use their web browser to play Fortnite, with an iOS version expected by the end of the year. Anyone who has streamed an online game knows that this isn’t the optimal way to play, however. It’s still a compromise, no matter how you cut it.

Epic Games is not blameless in all of this – even if they are the ones taking an objectively consumer-friendly stance. Their decision was what forced Fortnite off of these platforms in the first place, which has had some iOS and Mac players point the finger at the game developer rather than Apple.

To help remedy any lost faith from the mobile community, Epic announced that they’d be giving Mac and iOS players a “V-Bucks bonus.” For iOS players, this bonus will equal the number of unspent V-Bucks purchased through the App Store. Anyone who has previously played Fortnite on a Mac will receive the same benefit.

This is a huge bonus that could equal thousands of V-Bucks for some players. Anyone who kept up with the Save the World version of Fortnite for Mac could have a few thousand V-Bucks without spending any real-world money, meaning even more free V-Bucks when the game comes back.

Epic is beginning to roll-out the bonuses today, November 9, although it might be a few…