Fortnite: How to use video chat service with Houseparty

Players can now converse with their friends while playing Fortnite if they are playing the game on PC, PlayStation 4 or PS5 consoles.

Houseparty is a social networking app that experienced a surge in popularity earlier this year when the first coronavirus lockdown was implemented.  

Here’s how to use the video chat function while playing Fortnite

Looking forward to seeing the face of your friends when you clench that all-important Victory Royale? Then read on for how to use Fortnite video chat.

In addition to playing on the PS5, PS4 or PC, you must first own an iOS or Android device with Houseparty installed. The app can be found on the Google Play or App Store. 

Once the app is open, you can link your Houseparty account to your Epic Games account, which is needed to play Fortnite.

Linking the accounts will reward you with a Rainbow Fog Wrap, which can also be earned in-game by playing five matches on any platform between 20 November and 26 November.

While playing the game, your mobile phone needs to be positioned at an angle that can see your face.

<p>An example of the Houseparty user interface</p>

An example of the Houseparty user interface

(Epic Games/Houseparty)

Then you must open Houseparty, select the settings of TV icon and connect to Fortnite. Then you can join your friends or request that they join you. 

Fortnite chat crops videos to only reveal players’ faces, in front of a digitally imposed background. The Houseparty app is available to users over the age of 13.