Best Escape maps in Fortnite’s Creative mode

Fortnite’s Creative mode has allowed players to build a variety of impressive maps for different custom modes, including the popular Escape mode.

Escape tasks players to find their way out of a location by solving a series of puzzles and avoiding dangers that may be included in their path. Some of these maps are to be played solo, while others cater to a small team.

Some of the maps created by the community include a series of levels with challenges that get increasingly more difficult as you proceed.

Here are some of the best Escape maps available in Fortnite today.

Slides and Doors Escape Maze


MackJack has created an intense multi-level maze that gets more difficult as the player proceeds. With secret exits and countless traps along the way, this map can be played in a variety of different ways. The main method to victory, however, is to clear the 10 unique levels. What makes this map one of the best is the ability to play along with a group of friends. This is the perfect map to begin playing Escape mode on, since it is easy to follow and filled with a variety of content.

The Gauntlet: Snipers vs. Runners


With most custom modes in Fortnite, the core mode is often altered to create a completely unique style using its source as a base. At its core, this map tasks Runners to navigate the structure by climbing levels and attempting to reach the top while Snipers are placed on moving blocks at a distance to fire at the Runners. This is a perfect mode for larger groups of players and offers unique playstyles within the same map.



In this map players simply must find the hidden paths and items to exit the mansion, climb the structure, and fly to the light. This map is exceptionally well-crafted as each secret pathway leads to an open area with hidden clues for the next path. Unlike many of the other maps in this mode, X-Brain appears like a normal building filled with items placed to avoid clueing players into their…