Epic Games could introduce new reward-based subscription service to Fortnite, according to survey

Image via Epic Games

Epic Games may be planning to introduce a monthly reward-based subscription model to Fortnite, according to a recent survey from the developer. The service would grant players access to the battle pass and other features for a set price. 

Earlier today, several Fortnite leakers posted screenshots from a survey formulated by the battle royale’s developer. The image depicted a “monthly crew pack” which will give players who purchased the service early access to a special outfit including a back bling, pickaxe, and style, according to FireMonkey and MarDlt.

The service offers instant access to the full battle pass for the upcoming season alongside 1,000 V-Bucks each month. 

The survey asked the volunteers to point out which pieces of content they could identify first from the image and later rate from one to 10 the likelihood of purchase for the subscription service. 

The survey also asked users whether they’d purchase this subscription service for $5, $8, or up to $19.99, according to MarDlt, who originally received the survey. 

This service is somewhat reminiscent of the previously scrapped annual pass, which was an early-prototype feature that Epic cancelled last year. This pass would have granted players a year-long battle pass rather than seasonal pass and would include several new features, the details of which were never disclosed, according to