How to complete the secret “Grave Mistake” Season 4 challenge

The secret Season 4 questline continues on, this week, with the “Grave Mistake” mission. Those who have been keeping up with these quests know that there’s a mischievous gnome running around the map causing problems for our heroes.

Last week, we were tasked with sanitizing the giant Slurp vats in Slurpy Swamp. After that, we had to confront the troublesome gnome as he escaped the building. Each of these challenges netted us 10,000 XP.

Although the name of the last challenge was “Escape,” it would seem as though the villainous Gnome landed harder than he expected. Now, in the landing spot from last week, you’ll find a grave that houses his remains.

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The challenge for this week is simple: visit the grave and pay respects. In typical Fortnite fashion, the developers embraced the meme by allowing players to press F to pay respects.

Anyone who knows anything about comic books knows that this probably isn’t the last we’ll see of this gnome. He may even play a small role in the plotline when Galactus shows up. After all, the last challenge was called “Escape” not “Die.”

We’ll keep you posted if there’s another secret challenge, as we predict. If not, then this is your last chance to earn a free 20,000 XP before the season ends.

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