Fortnite Community Battles Loot Fight: Free Eye Wrap, How to Sign up, Rewards, Leaderboards & more

The Fortnite community battles Loot Fight event takes place today. Here’s everything you need to know about the event. Players can get their hands on the free Fortnite Eye Wrap.

Epic Games held their first Fortnite community battles in August, which provided players with a chance to get some free rewards. There were challenges players needed to complete and depending on where you finished in the leaderboard, players received free V-Bucks to spend.

There’s another Fortnite Community Battles that begins at 5 PM BST called Loot Fight. Here’s everything you need to know about the event.

Loot Fright (Fight) Fortnite

How to sign up and who can participate

In order to sign up and participate in Loot Fight, players must be 13 or older. However, you’ll only be able to compete if you reside in Austria, Germany, or Switzerland, and obviously you’ll need a valid Epic Games account.

What it Loot Fight?

Loot Fight is a community battles event where players choose the loadout for the final show match between four different captains.

Players define the loadout for the final match between four captains: Fixx, Hey Stan, Standart Skill, and Syou! You can then select your team and collext points by completing tasks in-game.

The more points your team earns, the more loot you’ll unlock for your captain. The items you unlock will be the items available for your captain during the final show match which takes place today at 6pm.

In-game tasks including placing 2 times in the top 10 in solos, eliminating 5 opponents in any game mode, and more. Players also earn 1 point for each minute played, 20 points for an elimination, and 100 points for a Victory Royale.

Free Cosmetic Rewards – The Eye Wrap

The team that wins the show match will earn the “The Eye” Fortnite wrap for free. If you’re in the top 3,000 of your team, you’ll earn 300 V-Bucks.

Free Fortnite The Eye Wrap
Free Fortnite The Eye Wrap

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