How to deal damage with the “Gatherer remains” in Fortnite Season 4

Most Fortnite players have kept there eyes on Stark Industries since the update last week, but there was an overlooked addition to the game that passed under everyone’s noses. Galactus has made his first mark on the BR island through his Gorger drones which spawn around the map.

There doesn’t appear to be a set spawn location for these drones. After a week of playing, it seems like these drones use a similar mechanic as the Marauders from last season. Luckily, the reward for battling these drones is a lot more worthy of your time.

Epic Games

The Gorgers don’t deal direct damage to players. Instead, they spawn Gatherer drones that do the fighting for them. The longer a Gorger drone is alive, the more Gatherers it spawns.

Eliminating a Gatherer drone has the chance to give you some tier-one loot. This is the only known way to obtain a Legendary RPG in Fortnite right now – one of the most powerful weapons in the game. The drones can also drop healing items and some other Epic and Legendary loot.

Epic Games

On top of all of this, you can also use the Gatherer weapon if you act quickly. You can pick up a downed Gatherer before it explodes and use its projectile weapon against other players. Keep in mind that it doesn’t go into your inventory. Swapping weapons or building will force you to drop the gun.

SypherPK released a tutorial video on these new drones and even showcases the weapon that they drop. This video is worth watching, since the Gatherer “remains” are included in a challenge for Week 4.

This week, we’ll be tasked with dealing 10,000 damage with “Gatherer remains.” This will almost certainly be a team-based challenge, similar to some others that we’ve seen this season.

The best way to complete this challenge would be to down a Gatherer and use the weapon on a Gorger. The weapon is a bit too situational to carry around the entire match. Remember: you…