Fortnite Fire Traps: How to Find and Place Fire Traps in Fortnite

Here’s everything you need to know about Fire Traps in Fortnite for the place fire traps Fortnite week 3 challenge.

The Fortnite chapter 2 season 4 week 3 challenges were released on Thursday at the usual time. As always, there are a total of seven challenges for players to complete. One of the challenges, eliminating Iron Man, provides players with 50,000 XP whilst the other challenges provide the standard 25,000 XP.

Players that are looking to level up as quickly as possible in order to unlock all the battle pass cosmetics as well as unlocking all the awakening challenges can complete the secret challenges, punch cards, and collect the XP coins.

Fortnite Secret Mission - The Event of the Year
Fortnite Secret Mission – The Event of the Year

One of the week 3 challenges requires players to place fire traps. Here’s a quick guide on how to complete it for those that are struggling.

Place Fire Traps Fortnite

Fire traps were added to Fortnite in the v14.00 patch update. They are of uncommon rarity and can be found in chests, as floor loot, and in Loot Llamas. Fire Traps will fire fireballs which will create fire upon collision on an object.

The amount of damage fire traps deal upon impact to players is  50 and they have a reload time of 7 seconds. So, when a fire trap goes off, it’ll take 7 seconds before it’ll be able to shoot fireballs again.

Fortnite Fire Trap
Fortnite Fire Trap

The fireballs the trap shoots out can only travel as far as 3 tiles, and it only activates when players are within a 3 tile range.

A quick way to complete this challenge would be to drop in a large location that players won’t land at. When you’re in the battle bus, look for a far named location that has good loot. You should easily be able to find 3 fire traps to place in order to complete this challenge.

You can also go into a team rumble game and just aim the the supply drops that come down. You should almost always find yourself getting a fire trap from supply drops and there’s a bunch of supply drops that come down in…