Fortnite Doctor Doom’s Statue Location: Visit Doctor Doom’s Statue

Here’s the location of Doctor Doom’s statue in order to complete the Fortnite visit Doctor Doom’s status as Doctor Doom challenge.

As you’ll all know, a number of battle pass cosmetics in season 4 are locked behind awakening challenges. Some cosmetics like Thor’s Mjolnir pickaxe is locked by just the one awakening challenge. However, most of the other cosmetics are locked behind 3 different awakening challenges.

For Doctor Doom, the Victory Von Doom emote that summons a large throne for players to sit on. It’s probably one of my favourite emotes and it’s locked behind three awakening challenges.

In order to see the first awakening challenge for the emote, players will need to reach level 74. Once you’ve done that, you can complete the first challenge that requires you to visit Doctor Doom’s status as Doctor Doom. Once you complete that, you’ll be able to see the next challenge which is to Visit a giant throne as doctor doom.

We’ve created a quick guide on where to find Doctor Doom’s statue in Fortnite.

Where is Doctor Doom’s Statue in Fortnite?

When Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 4 launched, there were a number of map changes. One of the biggest changes was Pleasant Park being changed to Doom’s Domain with a number of changes.

You’ll find Doctor Doom’s statue located in the middle of the Doom’s Domain named location as marked below:

Doctor Dooms Statue Fortnite Location
Doctor Dooms Statue Fortnite Location

It’ll be hard to miss the statue if you’re coming into Doom’s Domain or dropping down from the battle bus. Here’s what Doctor Doom’s statue looks like in-game:

Doctor Dooms Statue in Fortnite
Doctor Dooms Statue in Fortnite

Remember to select the Doctor Doom skin if you’re not currently using it or else you won’t complete the challenge and you’ll have to visit the statue again.

Once you complete the challenge, you’ll unlock the final challenge which is to emote as Doctor Doom during a Victory Royale. Here’s a quick tip on how to complete that challenge.

Emote as…