Venom & Black Panther found in Fortnite v14.10 leaked skins & cosmetics

Popular Twitch streamer and YouTuber Ali ‘SypherPK’ Hassan has potentially figured out the identity of Fortnite’s next superhero, after searching the Marvel universe for figures who match up with leaked abilities.

The content creator posted a video on September 8, showcasing a data mine from leaker HYPEX, which states a short list of statistics related to a leaked Fireball ability.

A number of heroes in Fortnite have dropped into the action, holding Mythic Items. By picking them up, the player holding it can access some of the powerful moves used by that character.

As seen below, the cooldown would be two seconds, with a large damage to builds of 150 per hit. Clearly, this would be a powerful addition to the game, and sounds similar to Doctor Doom’s Mystical Ball power as well.

This new Fireball one might seem mysterious on the surface, as not many heroes possess that power, although Sypher appears to have found a potential answer.

After reading into the matter, during his YouTube upload he said: “I did a little bit of research and there is a Marvel character called Crystal who might fit the description and be able to do these fire attacks.”

You may also have noticed the post from HYPEX mentioned the first letter of the hero’s name would be C, so there’s a big tick in that box right off the bat.

Segment timestamp starts at 2:02 below.

“You might not know who Crystal is because I don’t know who Crystal is. Not a very popular character, or very well known, but if you’re a comic book nerd you will know,” he added.

Whether or not Crystal will be the next addition remains to be…