v14.10 Fortnite Patch Notes: Stark Industries, Mint-Condition LTM, Item Shop Customizable hero

Here are the early, unofficial Fortnite patch notes for the v14.10 update.

We have a brand new update today with Epic deciding to change up the usual Fortnite update schedule. Usually, we have updates released on either Tuesday or Wednesday, but for whatever reason we have the next major update today.

Epic stopped releasing Fortnite Patch Notes in chapter 2 and we’ll probably never get official patch notes again. However, Epic now send out emails to those in the support-a-creator program with highlights of what to expect in the patch.


Here’s a look at the early patch notes for the v14.10 update. We’ll update this with more information including any weapon or item changes. This will only go over what’s new in today’s update.

Fortnite Patch Notes (v14.10)

Item Shop Customize your own hero

In the v14.00 update, data-miners leaked that there will be a feature that’ll allow players to customize their own hero along with other major changes to the Fortnite Item Shop. There was no information as to when it would be released with most data-miners believing it won’t come until later on in the season.

hero item shop customization Fortnite
hero item shop customization Fortnite

Epic have however, added the customize your own hero feature in today’s v14.10 update. We don’t have any images yet as there’s no images in the email Epic send out, but as soon as the servers are live after the update, we’ll be sure to provide as much information as possible!

Mint-Condition Fortnite LTM

As many expected before the Fortnite season started, we’re getting a superhero type of Fortnite LTM. In the creator email outlining the v14.10 update highlights, Epic mentioned a new LTM called Mint-Condition. This mix and matches superpowers from Marvel in a new comic book crossover LTM. Exciting!

Mint-Condition Fortnite LTM
Mint-Condition Fortnite LTM

Stark Industries Fortnite Location

That’s right, we’re getting Stark Industries in Fortnite Battle Royale. Tony Stark’s beacons that have been activating slowly during the first two…