Fortnite Corrupted Legends Pack/Bundle Leaked – price and release date

We have yet another Fortnite bundle/pack making it’s way into the game in the near future.

Epic Games began releasing Fortnite packs and bundles in the middle of chapter 1. When Epic first introduced them, there’d be one or two starter packs and bundles in a season. However, there’s been a number of packs and bundles releasing close together for the past year or so.

Street Serpent Fortnite Starter Pack
Street Serpent Fortnite Starter Pack

In Fortnite season 4, we’ve already had the Street Serpent Starter Pack The Fortnite Samurai Scrapper Pack available for purchase. Furthermore, the shadow legends pack that was leaked last season is still yet to make it’s way into the item shop.


Epic also announced the Last Laugh bundle. Although it’s not coming out until November, it clearly shows how often Epic are releasing, and planning to release, different Fortnite bundles and packs.

Shadow Pack Fortnite
Shadow Pack Fortnite

Fortnite packs/bundles do provide value for many in comparison to buying to skins separately in the item shop, but most of the time, players only one one or two skins or even just a back bling from a released bundle. Either way, Epic won’t stop pumping these bundles out anytime soon as we have a new legends pack leaked from today’s v14.10 update.

Corrupted Legends Fortnite Bundle

We already have the official description of the Corrupted legends Fortnite bundle which means we could see it released within the next two weeks. The description reads “What is your chaotic alignment? How will you balance the scales? This pack’s cosmetics come with a slider that allows you to tune how corrupted your outfit is!“.

As provided by the description, players have complete control on how corrupted the skins look. It’s similar to the corrupted skin styles we had in a previous season, but players simply have control over how it looks and can change it whenever they want.

Here’s a look at the bundle and the corruption style of the skins:

Fortnite Corrupted Legends Bundle
Fortnite Corrupted Legends Bundle


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