Apple will no longer allow users to sign into Fortnite with their Apple accounts

Image via Epic Games

Epic Games has announced that Apple will soon no longer allow players to sign into Fortnite with their Apple accounts.

As part of the ongoing court battles between Epic and Apple, Apple is revoking the ability to use its accounts to log in to the battle royale title starting this Friday, Sept. 11.

This could create a big problem for players who used the “Sign in with Apple” method to play Fortnite and a change must be made. Those affected must update their information to continue to play Fortnite after Sept. 11.

There’s a support page on Epic’s site that explains the process rather well, but in general, players have to update their email and password. Many of those who have used Apple to log in to Fortnite in the past might not have an actual Epic Games account, so one will need to be created if they wish to continue to play the game.

The struggle between Epic and Apple continues in kind. Last month, Apple pulled Fortnite from the App Store, and Google soon did the same with the Play Store, after Epic attempted to circumvent the App Store’s fees.

The latest development in the lawsuit saga was a few days ago when Epic filed a new motion to reinstate Fortnite on the App Store after a massive drop in the game’s player base, and Apple filed a response and counterclaims of its own.