What does the ban on Fortnite mobile mean for content creators?

On Aug. 13, the Fortnite mobile community rode through a roller coaster of emotions. As part of the Mega Drop event, V-Buck prices dropped by 20 percent on Apple and Android devices. 

To do this, Epic Games gave mobile players two ways of making payments: one through the App Store, and the other directly through Epic. Apple and Google take 30 percent of all in-game sales, and bypassing this gave Epic the chance to significantly reduce prices. 

What erupted from this was a fully fledged court battle between the tech giants. Apple and Google quickly removed the game from their respective stores for violating their guidelines regarding in-app payments. Epic immediately responded with a #FreeFortnite hashtag trend and filed lawsuits against both companies. 

Image via Epic Games

There was some relief for players on Android devices, however. Even though the game is not available in the Google Play Store, it can still be downloaded from the Epic store and updated with the latest content. 

For Apple players, on the other hand, this isn’t possible. Only people who already had the game installed can continue playing it. Additionally, they won’t receive any upcoming updates to the game. Apple players are stuck on version 13.40 (Chapter Two, season three) until the legal dispute is settled. They can’t play the newly-released Chapter Two, season four as well.

The legal battle between Apple and Epic is showing no signs of slowing down and could possibly last for months. While all mobile players will be closely involved in the developments, those most affected by this turn of events are content creators who rely on the game for earning their livelihood. 

Dot Esports spoke with some content creators regarding the impact Epic and Apple’s decisions will have on their careers. 

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