Fortnite unlimited redeploy glider glitch uncovered

Epic Games might have to act fast to patch a new glitch as some Fortnite Battle Royale players have found a way to get unlimited glider redeploys in-game.

Just like any other, Fortnite Season 4 has seen a few glitches and exploits surface since it kicked off. One of the more recent included the ability to access God mode, making player invincible in the battle royale title.

All that one needed was for players to jump into a haystack at the right time, at the right place. This one is just as easy as well, granting members of the community an easy escape mechanism for gunfights.

Fortnite glider
Want to redeploy as many times as you want on Fortnite? This glitch lets you do just that. Credit: Epic Games

How Fortnite’s unlimited redeploy glitch works

Now, this new glitch is just as easy to do, and grants unlimited redeploys with your glider, meaning you can jump from pretty much anywhere and glide away from enemies without a hitch.

It was uncovered in a YouTube video, seen below, from content creator Jugger. All you have to do here is to jump on one of the huge robotic hands in-game along with a partner, which will grant you unlimited gliders.

You can also cancel the glitch by jumping back onto the hand, launching up in the air. Pretty useful tool to have in tight spots, it must be said, but will likely be patched up soon enough.

As of September 7, Epic Games are yet to note the problem on their Trello board of community issues. There is another issue mentioned, though, which was supposed to be fixed in patch v13.40 – slow redeploy in certain situations.

Soon enough, devs will likely cancel this glitch and make redeploying smoother for all players, so watch this space.