Fortnite Ant Manor Location: Bounce on different dog toys at the Ant Manor

Here’s the Ant Manor Fortnite location in order to complete the bounce on different dog toys at the Ant Manor week 2 challenge.

The Fortnite week 2 challenges will be releasing shortly but thanks to data-miners, we know exactly what to expect this week. Along with the normal weekly challenges, there’s also a Wolverine challenge that once completed will provide players with a loading screen.

One of the week 2 challenges requires players to bounce on different dog toys at the Ant Manor. If you’ve not been logging into Fortnite often in season 4, you won’t know what Epic Games have already added 2 small Marvel-themed POI’s.

Black Panther Fortnite Location
Black Panther Fortnite Location

The very first POI was Trask Transport Truck that’s located north-west of Pleasant Park. The following location that was added in Ant Manor, and the last POI was Panther Prowl. If you’re not sure where Ant Manor is on the Fortnite map, fear not, we’ve got you covered here at Fortnite Insider as always.

Bounce on different dog toys at the Ant Manor

In order to complete this challenge, you need to bounce on 4 different dog toys at Ant Manor.

Where is Ant Manor in Fortnite Location

Ant Manor was added to the Fortnite map on Monday, 31st August. If you’re wondering where Ant Manor is in Fortnite, you’ll find it north-east of Holly Hedges within a stone’s throw. You’ll see it as a circle on the map and Ant Manor has a couple of rifts around it, so it should be easy to spot when you jump from the Battle Bus.

Here’s the Ant Manor Fortnite location marked on the map:

Ant Manor Fortnite Location
Ant Manor Fortnite Location

Dog Toys in Fortnite Location

As soon as you land at Ant Manor, you’ll notice that there’s dog toys at the new Marvel-themed POI. You’ll find a chewy dog bone at the top of the location next to the large rock opposite the dog house. Jump on it to bounce on it to complete a quarter of the challenge.

Fortnite Dog Toy
Fortnite Dog Toy

Opposite that Fortnite dog toy, you’ll find a tennis ball by some rocks. Once…