Fortnite’s new Tilted Taxis mode is an enjoyable Crazy Taxi clone •

Crazy Taxi is no stranger to clones. I will freely admit enjoying the rather shameless The Simpsons: Road Rage back in the day, and to spending countless hours crashing around Springfield in a hovercar as Professor Frink. Fortnite’s new Tilted Taxis mode feels similar, familiar fare.

The launch of Tilted Taxis as a limited-time mode follows the rather muted arrival of drivable cars in Fortnite at the rear end of last season. Within Fortnite’s main playlists, they appeared and… did not seem to leave a huge impression in day-to-day gameplay. Ever since the game’s machine gun-toting aeroplanes, which Epic Games was forced to repeatedly nerf out of existance, Fortnite has seemed ultra wary of adding any movement option which overly affects the game’s meta.

So fans have been waiting for specific vehicle modes such as this one to really enjoy Fortnite’s cars – and Tilted Taxis has been a while coming. (It was first spotted in the game’s code over a month ago, alongside another possible future addition – a Mario Kart style option.)


Tilted Taxis is, a little oddly, designed as two-player mode – though it is really better played solo. Sometimes you’ll get matched with another player, sometimes not. Sometimes your co-driver will decide to get out and just go try to shoot things on foot, because Fortnite, but sometimes not. The general idea is one of you shoots while the other drives, though honestly the mode is at its best when you’re behind the wheel, meter running, playing it straight.

Passengers appear dotted around the towns on Fortnite’s island, with star rankings based on how far they want to travel. Three star passengers want to travel further, which means you’ll have to spend longer to get there, but will give you more stars in reward. You’re competing with a dozen other players all after the same fares and rewards as you, to hit a points total before anyone else.

Secondary objectives reward further star bonuses, with each passenger…