All Groot Fortnite Awakening Challenges: Baby Groot Back Bling, Battle Brothers Rocket Pet Emote

Here’s all the Groot Fortnite challenges along with how to complete them.

This seasons battle pass is unique for a couple of reasons, the entire battle pass is Marvel-themed and players need to complete additional challenges in order to unlock some pickaxes and emotes that change the style of the battle pass skins.

There’s a total of three Groot Fortnite awakening challenges players will need to complete in order to unlock all the Groot Battle Pass cosmetics. The first cosmetic players can unlock for Groot is the Sapling Groot back bling which everyone called the baby Groot back bling.


In order to start the awakening challenge to unlock the back bling, you’ll need to be level 32 in the Battle Pass. The other Groot Fortnite challenges are available at level 46 and once those two Groot challenges have been completed, players will unlock the Battle Brother emote which will add Rocket to your back.

Here’s a look at all the Groot Fortnite challenges, how to complete them, and a look at the two rewards.

Groot Fortnite Challenges

Rescue Sapling Groot From Holly Hedges Nursery Fortnite Location

In order to unlock the Sapling Groot back bling, you’ll need to rescue him. The name provides the location where you need to rescue him, Holly Hedges. The Nursery is the part in Holly hedges where there’s a bunch of plants, metal shelves, and couple of tills. Here’s the exact location of the Holly Hedges nursery:

Holly Hedges Nursery Fortnite Location
Holly Hedges Nursery Fortnite Location

You’ll find baby groot in between three plants as seen below:

rescue baby groot Fortnite
rescue baby groot Fortnite

Simply interact with him in order to rescue him and complete the challenge. Here’s a close up of the baby groot back bling that you’ll unlock once you complete this challenge:

Sapling Groot Baby Groot Fortnite Back Bling
Sapling Groot Baby Groot Fortnite Back Bling

Plant a seed on a heart-shaped island as Groot Location

Make sure you have Groot selected as your skin then head to the west side of the island. Off the main island, there’s some smaller islands. One of…