All ‘Foil’ skin requirements in Fortnite Season 4

Fortnite Season 4 is finally here, completing the bridge between the Marvel and Fortnite universes. The new season heavily shifted the meta – removing the Tac, adding the Combat, and significantly limiting the “spray” weapons in the game.

When it came to map changes, however, fans noticed that very little was different from Season 3. We have the Quinjet landing sights, Doom’s Domain in Pleasant Park, and the unnamed Sentinel Graveyard near the center of the map. Apart from that, the rest of the map is relatively identical to last season.

After some leaks, however, it became clear that the Season 4 map won’t look this way when the season eventually concludes. Data miners found several upcoming POIs that will be entering the game in future patches. Just like last season, the map will progressively change as time goes on.

The most significant change may be the “Sphere” POI found in the game files. You may have noticed the Stark Tech beacons scattered around the map. These beacons will eventually activate and create a Sphere in the Northeast portion of the island. We don’t expect this sphere to decimate the existing POIs, but it will change something.

This Sphere seems more like a visual change than a brand-new POI, but we saw some of the latter leaked as well. FortTory and other have shown new locations that will pop up over the course of Season 4. These include Security Truck outside of Doom’s Domain, Dog House in Weeping Woods, Collector’s Museum on the Southeast islands, and Panther’s Monument near Misty Meadows.

We already covered the news of Panther’s Monument, which seems to relate to the leaked Black Panther abilities. These combine to suggest that Black Panther will be a playable character in Season 4 – either through the Item Shop or as a secret Battle Pass skin.

Via: @FortTory

We have no idea when these POIs will be coming to the game, but we expect to see the first one in about two weeks. Like last season, the map will likely…