All Jennifer Walters Fortnite Awakening Challenges: Get the She-Hulk Fortnite Skin

Here’s all the Jennifer Walkers She-Hulk Fortnite Awakening Challenges and how to complete them.

The Fortnite season 4 is different to previous seasons, in-game emotes provide players with a different style to use. For example, the Tony Stark skin transforms into the Iron man skin when using the appropriate emote, but there’s no seperate skin for Iron man in Fortnite.

She-Hulk is unlocked when completing the Jennifer Walters Fortnite Awakening challenges, and again, it’s not a separate skin and an emote needs to be used in order to transform into She-Hulk during a game.


There’s a total of three different Jennifer Walters Fortnite challenges you’ll need to complete. Here’s the list of challenges and how you can complete them to unlock the She-Hulk Fortnite skin.

Jennifer Walters Challenges Fortnite

Visit Jennifer Walter’s office as Jennifer Walters

If you’re not sure where the location of Jennifer Walter’s office is in Fortnite, you’ll find it on the west side of Retail Row. It’s the white house which also has the Jennifer Walters sign outside of it. Here’s the location marked on the map:

Jennifer Walter's Office Fortnite Location
Jennifer Walter’s Office Fortnite Location

Simply walk up to Jennifer Walters office using the skin and you’ll have completed the first awakening challenge which will unlock the next one.

Eliminate Doctor Doom’s henchmen as Jennifer White

Pretty straightforward challenge for players to complete. The location of Doctor Doom’s henchmen in Fortnite is as the renamed Pleasant Park location which is now called Doom’s Domain.

You can find Doctor Doom’s henchmen either at the soccer field where there’s a lower ground, or you can find them in houses at Doom’s Domain. Simply grab a weapon and eliminate 3 henchmen.

Emote as Jennifer Walters after smashing vases

When you are completing a Fortnite awakening challenge, you can highlight the challenge when you open the Fortnite map. You’ll find that there’s three different locations where you…