All New Fortnite Fish: Midas Flooper, Thermal Fish, Jellyfish, Pro Fishing Rod & More

Here’s a look at all the new Fortnite fish in chapter 2 season 4.

A new battle pass, new locations, a new battle pass, new mythic items, and a brand new set of fish along with a fishing book for players to see what fish they’ve caught along with details on the fish. Season 4 is off to a good start and hints from Marvel and information from data-miners provides hope that this could be the best Fortnite season in a while.

Yesterday’s update included a bunch of new fish, some of which aren’t currently available to get in-game just yet. Let’s take a look at all the new fish we know about so far.


All New Fortnite Fish List – Chapter 2 Season 4

Midas Flopper Fish

There were a number of leaks weeks before the season started. One of them was the introduction of a Midas fish. The fish was added in yesterday’s update, but you can’t currently get it in game. It’ll likely be available in the next major update. What we do know is that once you consume the Midas fish, all of your inventory will turn legendary. Here’s a look at what the fish looks like:

Midas Fortnite fish
Midas Fortnite fish

Hop Flopper

The Hop Flopper Fortnite fish is essentially a hop rock. When you consume it, you’ll gain low gravity for a short period. There’s a max stack size of 3. The fish is of epic rarity. Here’s a look at the fish below:

Hop Flopper Fortnite Fish
Hop Flopper Fortnite Fish

Vendetta Flopper Fish

As far as we’re aware, the Vendetta flopper is not currently available to get in-game. Once this fish is eaten, a nearby enemy will be marked for you. There’s no information in regards to how long the enemy will be marked for, nor is there anything telling us how far or close an enemy needs to be in order to be marked. The fish has a max stack size of 2.

Vendetta Flopper Fortnite
Vendetta Flopper Fortnite

Spicy Fish

The Spicy fish looks like a blow-up fish. It’s of rare rarity and once players consume it, they’ll receive a speed boost for a limited time similar to peppers. You can stack a maximum of 3 of these fish. Here’s a…