Fortnite Update v14.00 Patch Notes

Image via Epic Games

Fortnite Chapter 2, Season 4 brings with it a variety of changes as the new Marvel-themed season takes over.

While there are many huge changes in regard to the look and play of the season, new weapons are introduced and some old favorites are bought back. There are also many technical changes that have been made to fix existing problems in the previous patch of the game.

According to Fortnite’s Community Trello board here are the changes in v14.00.


  • Players had reported an issue where multiple text lines would appear on the hud commonly stating the word “Disabled” has been addressed in this latest patch. While it was not a major issue as it would only take up a small portion of the screen, the fix comes finally after players had noticed the issue over the last few weeks.

Battle Royale

  • The Water Balloon Toy had been disabled from the game due to an issue that would see players some players hit by the balloon turn invisible. This issue has been addressed in patch v14.00.


  • Players had been reporting an error where renaming a device in creative mode would cause their console to crash. Patch v14.00 has addressed this issue that was affecting console players exclusively.

Save the World

  • Players on PS4 who had been playing Fortnite’s save the world mode reported an issue when they would complete achievements but not be awarded Trophies. This issue has been addressed in Patch v14.00.


  • Patch v14.00 has addressed an issue Nintendo Switch users were facing that would cause performance issues when interacting with players or creative hubs that included symbols.