Fortnite Friendship Monument Location: Emote as Groot at a friendship monument (Unlock Rocket Pet)

Here’s how to unlock the Fortnite Rocket Raccoon pet by completing the emote as Groot at a friendship monument awakening challenge.

Who would have though that we’d not only get a Baby Groot back bling, but Rocket as a pet in the same season. Fortnite season 4 is already looking like being one of the best seasons in some time.

Not only is this one of the best battle passes every, but data-miners have leaked that there’ll be more Marvel POIs coming to the Fortnite map with the potential of more mythic superpower items. Marvel themselves leaked the fact that the ‘Ant Manor’ will be coming to the Fortnite map in the near-future.


In order to unlock some of these Marvel battle pass cosmetics, players need to complete awakening challenges. In order to unlock the Sapling Groot (baby groot) back bling, players need to complete an awakening challenge that requires them to rescue sapling groot from the Holly Hedges nursery.

Sapling Groot Baby Groot Fortnite Back Bling
Sapling Groot Baby Groot Fortnite Back Bling

In order to unlock the Rocket pet in Fortnite, players need to complete two awakening challenges. The First one is to plant a seed at a heart-shaped island as Groot. The second one requires players to emote as Groot at a friendship monument. We have a guide below to help you complete this challenge quickly.

Where is a friendship monument in Fortnite (Location)

With a new season comes new map changes. One of the map changes was the pipe man and hey man meeting up and creating a friendship. In order to complete this challenge, you need to emote as Groot at that friendship monument.

You can find the location of the friendship monument south-west of Coral Castle. Here’s the exact location of it on the season 4 map:

Friendship Monument Fortnite Location
Friendship Monument Fortnite Location

Simply go close to the monument, which is pipe man and hay man high-fiving, and simply use any emote whilst using the Groot skin. Here’s what the friendship monument looks like in-game:

How to get Rocket in Fortnite (pet)

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