Fortnite Chapter 2, Season 4 Launch Trailer Revealed

As Fortnite’s servers go into downtime ahead of Chapter two season four, Epic Games has finally released the season’s first trailer.

Teased throughout the last week, the Marvel Comics-themed season is officially set to release later today bringing with it, new changes to the map as well as a completely new battle pass.

The trailer opens with Iron man weaving through terrain to avoid incoming missiles. Iron Man stops before being beamed away through a mysterious light. The trailer then continues to She-Hulk who is engaging with two armed robbers. Before she is able to defeat them, she is beamed into the sky in the same way as Iron man. Finally, the trailer moves to Wolverine who can be seen dashing through the woods before being teleported himself.

All the heroes arrive within the Fortnite world one by one with a full cast of Iron Man, Wolverine, She-Hulk, Doctor Doom, Groot and Rocket, Storm, and Mystique. Opposing them are some of the Fortnite characters that have become familiar over the previous seasons as well as Thor who would look to have summoned them all to the location.

The two groups begin readying to do battle with each other before Thor draws their focus to Galactus who can be seen rapidly approaching from space.

The trailer closes on a screen advertising the upcoming season, stating “Fortnite Season 4, Nexus War”.

The new trailer appears to reveal that the map itself will remain similar to the way it has appeared at the end of season three, and won’t see a drastic change as it did at the beginning of that season.