Fortnite Chapter 2, Season 4 Battle Pass trailer revealed

Ahead of the release of Fortnite Chapter 2, Season 4 later today, Epic Games has released the battle pass trailer for the season.

The video showcases some of the rewards that will be available through the battle pass during this upcoming Marvel-inspired season.

The trailer opens upon Thor who proceeds to give a monologue throughout the duration of the trailer explaining that while his memories are broken, he knows that he summoned these “Mighty Warriors” here to defend their reality. The hero continues explaining the incoming threat that is Galactus “the devourer of worlds”.

Thor continues, introducing other heroes that will likely be available throughout different tiers of the battle pass starting with Storm, the Marvel hero most known from the X-Men comics. Storm can utilize the weather as attacks against her enemies.

Next up is Tony Stark who can be seen unmasked for a short time before fully suiting up in his Iron Man Armor and floating above the ground.

Mystique is shown next as she uses her mutant powers to transform her appearance into one of the familiar Fortnite characters previously in the game.

The first traditional Marvel villain to be shown is Doctor Doom a character that is commonly associated with the Fantastic Four, Doctor Doom can be seen sitting upon a throne within the trailer.

Continuing, Jennifer Walters is shown transforming into She-Hulk. Straight after can be seen Wolverine as he claws his way towards the camera.

Finally, the last hero given the spotlight in the trailer is Groot who can later be seen with fellow Guardians of the Galaxy character Rocket in the trailer.

As the trailer continues gameplay is shown of each hero who seems to be utilizing their power to take out enemies as opposed to using the weapons commonly found in the game.

The trailer closes with all the heroes gathering together while Thor closes his monologue stating “Join us. Together, We will defeat Galactus…