All Mystique Awakening Challenges in Fortnite and how to complete them

Raven Darkhölme, also known as Mystique, is one of the two villains featured in the Marvel squad of Fortnite’s Chapter two, season four. The team consisting of She-Hulk, Thor, Mystique, Groot, Iron Man, Storm, Wolverine, and Doctor Doom will be fighting against Galactus in Nexus War with a little help from Fortnite characters.

All Marvel skins are obtainable through the season’s Battle Pass, while some take players on a treasure-hunting journey. Fortnite fans will have weekly challenges and punch cards at their disposal to level up the Battle Pass, but unlocking additional styles and cosmetics will require you to complete the Awakening challenges. In addition to unlocking awesome back blings, style, etc., the Awakening quests also allow heroes and villains to regain their powers.

These quests will only be visible if you already own the base version of a Marvel character and reach the required Battle Pass level to unlock them. Though most Awakening challenges are easy to complete, some can be more time consuming than others.

Here’s everything you need to know about how you can help Mystique regain her powers.

How to use a phone booth as Mystique in Fortnite Chapter two, season four?

The first of Mystique’s Awakening quest requires players to locate a phone booth that’s been used as a disguising tool for the last seasons. Make sure you’re playing as Mystique before entering a phone booth.

While there are many payphones around the map, we’ve used a guaranteed spot we know at Doom’s Domain, aka Pleasant Valley. If other players are challenging the booth showcased in the video, fear not since there are two more phone booths around Doom’s Domain.

How to deal damage with different rarity pistols as Mystique?

Unfortunately, there isn’t a fast/tricky way to complete this challenge. You’ll need to find a pistol of each rarity and deal damage to enemy players while playing as Mystique….