Epic officially announce that Season 4 will not come to iOS devices

Anyone who followed the Fortnite Season 3 competitive season knows that cheating was a huge issue. Tier-one pros were tweeting about it, low-level pros were getting caught by teammates, and everyone was paranoid that there were cheaters in each game.

One of the biggest problems with this was that Epic kept their mouth shut for the entire season. To many, it seemed like these cries for help were falling on deaf ears. On August 26, however – the eve of the new Fortnite season – Epic broke their silence in the form of a competitive blog post.

The first piece of news that the blog post provided was information about an apparent bug in their anti-cheat system. This could have been why the competitive team was so tight-lipped about the cheating problem up until now. According to the post, the error prevented real-time detection and bans like we’ve seen in the past. “This error has been corrected and all automatic actionings are functioning  in near-real time again,” the competitive team wrote.

The blog post then asked for help from the community. Epic have provided a new way to report suspicious players, and ask for everyone to keep a level head throughout the reviewal process. They clarified that they won’t comment on these issues, but that, “Any perceived lack of action towards reported players generally means one of two things: either we’re still actively investigating and want to make sure we take the time to make the correct decision based on the facts, or we’ve determined the player in question did not violate the rules.”

We can also expect a new and improved set of rules for the upcoming competitive Fortnite season. This is one of the ways that Epic can clarify things like teaming, cheating, and general competitive integrity.

This was the blog post that a lot of competitive Fortnite players wanted to see. Cheating was a huge problem in the last competitive Fortnite season, and now we know why. It also makes sense that Epic didn’t speak up…