How to get the Enlightened Eternal Knight in Fortnite Season 3

Fortnite Season 3 is nearing its conclusion, which means that it’s your last chance to max-out the Battle Pass and earn all of the skin variants. Acquiring most of the skins is straightforward – make your way through the Battle Pass levels and complete the in-game challenges. Most of these requirements tell you to complete a certain number of challenges from a specific week.

There is one elusive skin for completionists out there, however: the Enlightened variant of the Eternal Knight. Epic introduced Enlightened skins in Season 1 and took it further in Season 2. Some fans think it went too far in Season 2 since you had to reach level 350 to unlock the gold Agent Peely variant.

This season, the requirement is much more manageable. To unlock the Enlightened Eternal Knight variants, you need to hit level 160 before the season ends on August 27.

The reward for reaching level 160 might be the best one in the Chapter. Instead of progressively unlocking three different Enlightened variants, you get all at once. You can rock the black, silver, or gold Eternal Knight skins once hitting level 160.

There are only two days left in the Battle Pass, however, so you need to get going if you’re not close to the threshold. Make sure that you complete all of the weekly challenges along with some dailies and Punch Cards. Of course, placing highly in matches won’t hurt either. The best way to grind levels is to open chests in Team Rumble, quit, rinse and repeat – although this is also incredibly tedious. WE’re not playing an MMO, after all.

Now you know the goal you need to hit in the next two days. Hopefully, you aren’t too far off and can reach the level with a few hours of playing today and tomorrow. Good luck!