Thor’s hammer appears in-game (Fortnite Season 4 teasers so far)

We’re officially into the week of the Fortnite Season 4 release. It’s set to hit all platforms (apart from iOS devices) this Thursday, August 27. Naturally, that means that the teasers are heating up.

The Season 4 teasers are a bit different than past seasons. Epic are still releasing their daily teasers – so far, spelling N-E-X – but Marvel Comics is getting in the mix as well. It’s no secret that Season 4 is going to have a Marvel theme, and both giants are working together to generate hype.

The in-game Fortnite comics are telling a story. So far, Thor has made it to the BR island in an attempt to warn players of their impending doom. Galactus is coming and will consume the world with all of its inhabitants.

The only problem is that Thor is losing his memory. He’s trying to warn the inhabitants, but he can’t seem to remember why. On top of that, Thor seems incredibly frustrated by the fact that no one is talking to him. He even gave poor old Peely a knuckle sandwich before forgetting why he came in the first place.

This is an incredibly interesting twist, as it ties into what the Visitor said back in Season X. “When I hear this again, will it help me remember? Or will I be just as muted as the others?”

The effects of these events can be seen in-game. Thor’s hammer has landed outside of Salty Springs. You can visit it, now. Most players who come here seem to be friendly. We met two players who offered us shields while visiting the crater in Solos.

As you might expect, the hammer is indestructible. We predict that it will be lifted when Season 4 begins and Thor becomes a playable character.

So, now we have a rift developing over the island and Thor’s Hammer as a small POI outside of Salty Springs. Tomorrow, we’ll get another teaser that will likely have a small in-game effect.

The plotline is developing, slowly, but it’s already quite interesting. It’s clear that Epic haven’t abandoned the Fortnite story in favor of a marketing campaign, as…