Tabor Hill confirms Season 4 Marvel theme and leaks Midas fish

Fortnite Season 4 is only a week away at the time of writing. It seems too good to be true that Season 3 will end without a delay, but that looks to be the case. We’re still nervous about the potential of a last-minute delay, but we’re cautiously optimistic that Season 4 will release on its scheduled date: August 27.

Data miners have provided us with some interesting information about what Season 4 will hold. According to Hypex and his “trustworthy” source, Season 4 will have a Marvel Comics theme. This will include in-game comics and – potentially – both Thor and Wolverine as playable skins.

This is where Tabor Hill comes in. For those who don’t know, Tabor Hill is the Fortnite YouTuber who leaked almost all of Season 3. We knew about sharks, the flood, Aquaman, and more before Season 3 came out – all thanks to Tabor Hill and his source.

Well, Tabor released another video on August 19. His source has already proven incredibly reliable, and seems to have given the YouTuber another batch of leaks to share with his fans. This time, though, Tabor is being a bit more careful about what he shares with the public.

On the topic of the new season, Tabor simply said one word: Marvel. This confirms the leaks from Hypex and suggests that Thor and Wolverine will be coming to Fortnite in Season 4. What Tabor added was incredibly interesting, however. He brought up the fishing overhaul that’s been a hot topic in the Fortnite world for a while. You can take a look at what we know about that here.

In reference to fishing, Tabor said, “The revamped fishing is a huge part of the next season. But, there’s one fish that I didn’t see any of the data miners talk about and that is my ‘leak.’”

Tabor went on to tell us about the Midas Fish. He said that he didn’t…