Fortnite Derby Dynamo Challenge Pack Available 19th August

The previously leaked Derby Dynamo Challenge Pack is now available to purchase in Fortnite. Here is what the pack contains.

New packs are introduced to Fortnite quite regularly and there are different types of packs players can purchase to get Limited Time Skins, Back Blings, Pickaxes and more. The packs that are available for a Limited Time are usually available in the Store and are Starter Packs and Challenge Packs.

Dataminers had previously leaked a new Challenge Pack that would be coming to Fortnite Battle Royale and this pack is now available on some devices now and should be available across all devices soon. You can see the price and contents of the pack below.

Fortnite Derby Dynamo Challenge Pack

There are a few Challenge Packs that have been released in the past and these packs always have a Skin and Challenges for you to complete. Completing these challenges will award players with additional V-Bucks.

What’s in the Derby Dynamo Skin Challenge Pack?

In the Derby Dynamo Challenge Pack, you will receive the Derby Dynamo Skin, which comes with two additional styles. The Skin comes with the Freewheelin’ Emote built-in, which means that you can only use this Emote if you are using the Skin and other players cannot purchase the Freewheelin’ Emote. The Official Fortnite Twitter account has just tweeted what the emote looks like, which can be seen below.

This Skin comes with the Quad Roller Back Bling, which also comes with two additional Styles. There are also challenges you will need to complete in order to earn the additional V-Bucks and you can see how many V-Bucks you will earn at each stage below:

  • Complete 6 Quick Challenges – 100 V-Bucks Reward
  • Complete 12 Quick…