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Fortnite Season 4 is set to release about a week from now on August 27. We haven’t gotten into the teaser portion of the season just yet, but that should begin as early as this weekend – provided that Season 3 doesn’t get extended.

Fans are naturally curious about what Season 4 will bring us. What will the map look like? What will the theme be? Well, Fortnite data miner, Hypex, claims to have a source who has answered the latter question. According to the source, Season 4 “might be” a Marvel Comics theme.

On August 19, Hypex tweeted that the Season 4 trailer will begin with a vulnerable girl in an alleyway before “armed skins” come to save her. The Battle Pass will also, reportedly, feature a Thor skin – as previously reported.

As you can see from the tweets, Hypex is hedging a lot. He trusts his source, as he claims, but isn’t confident enough to speak definitively about the new season. This is much different from the way Tabor Hill treated the accurate leaks about Season 3 – although that may have more to do with the reporter more than the information or the source.

If you think about it, though, a Season 4 Marvel theme would make a lot of sense. Chapter 1 Season 4 was a superhero theme, and that was also the season where The Visitor first appeared. Could we see something similar in Chapter 2?

What’s more, Hypex tweeted about a potential Wolverine skin as the Season 4 “secret” skin. These two, plus one or two more, could be enough for a full theme with some filler Fortnite-only skins.

A lot of fans are getting tired of the…