Fortnite Season 3 Week 10 Challenge guide

Fortnite Season 3 released on June 27 and fans were already wondering when Season 4 would come out. Not that this season isn’t fun – it is – but fans had just faced two seasons that spanned nearly six months in total – each almost doubling the length of a Chapter 1 Fortnite season.

Now, however, Season 4 should be just around the corner. Here’s everything we know about the new season so far.

Start date

Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 4 is only nine days away from releasing on all platforms at the time of writing. The start date is set for August 27, 2020. If this date stands, then Season 3 will be the first season in Chapter 2 to finish without an extension.

Speaking of extensions, there was a rumor that the season would be extended when it first came out – fresh off of two seasons that lasted for over 100 days each. Apparently, there was 12 weeks’ worth of challenges in the game files but only 11 weeks in the season. Now, almost a week away from the Season 4 release date, we still haven’t heard anything about the season being pushed back. We’re cautiously optimistic about the August 27 date staying put.

Credit: u/ThatPumpkinHook


We don’t know what the Fortnite Season 4 theme will be, but we do know a bit about what may happen – both from leaks and common sense. First of all, we can assume that all of the Season 3 Mythic POIs will either change or be destroyed. This happened after Season 2, and we don’t expect Epic to add more Mythic POIs on top of these.

With the loss of old POIs come the introduction of new ones. The Authority will, likely, move to another phase as other Mythic locations pop-up to take the place of The Fortilla and Catty Corner.

We also know that Epic are planning to add some readable comic books to the game, which will likely accompany Season 4. This news also relates to the “secret” skin. Fans assume that this will be another superhero – either Thor or Wolverine based on the recent leaks.