Fortnite makers Epic Games will be entirely kicked off Apple’s developer tools unless it reverses controversial update

Fortnite developers Epic Games will be kicked from Apple’s tools entirely unless they reverse a controversial update.

The change could not only affect the future of Fortnite on the iPhone and Mac but also the Unreal Engine that is created by the developers, and which powers a whole host of other games.

Epic and Apple have been engaged in a public battle ever since a new Fortnite update added the option to circumvent Apple’s in-app purchase feature. That put it in contravention of the App Store rules, and led to it being kicked off the App Store.

The problems between the two companies revolve around a 30 per cent cut that Apple takes of purchases made within apps that were downloaded from its store. Epic added an option to Fortnite to buy its in-game currency, known as VBucks, from the developer directly, circumventing that 30 per cent levy but putting it on conflict with Apple.