Fortnite Season 3 FNCS Grand Finals results (NA)

The Fortnite Season 3 FNCS Grand Finals wrapped up in all regions, yesterday, with some of the biggest names in Fortnite competing for their share of the prize pool. The winner NA-East and EU walked away with a cool $80,000, making the competition a healthy reward for a day of gaming.

We’re looking at the North American regions, here, as we’ve already covered the results from EU. You can take a look at the EU FNCS Grand Finals results here. Let’s start with NA-East.

NA-East FNCS Grand Finals results

NA-East is widely considered to be the most “stacked” region in competitive Fortnite. The Grand Finals were littered with household names like Bugha, Ronaldo, Clix, Dubs, and many more.

In the end, it was Coop who came out on top. He was able to secure first place without a single win on the day. After Coop was former 100 Thieves pro, Klass, followed by Xccept in third and Bugha in fourth.

Via: FortniteTracker

In all regions, Kit’s Shockwave Launcher had a strong showing. It was a part of nearly all endgames across all timezones and was the most common item in the inventory of the winners. That being said, only one game-winner made it into the top 10 in NA-East and only two were in the top 15.

Other noteworthy finishes include blakeps at 19, Calc at 21, Co1azo at 24, Clix at 27, Ronaldo at 48, Bucke at 56, Avery at 71, Reverse2k at 77, Stretch at 91 (only 5 games), Khanada at 96, and Mackwood at 97. Here’s how the top 30 looked.

Via: FortniteTracker

NA-West FNCS Grand Finals results

NA-West doesn’t get the same amount of attention as NA-East, but it’s just as entertaining to see these competitors battle it out – even if there aren’t as many well-known players in this region. This one came down to the wire, with the top two players finishing only two points from one another.

XTRA verT ended up winning the whole competition in the end, with over three kills per game and one win. 100T pro, Arkham, surprised nobody with his second-place finish, making his case…