Fortnite ban: How to watch the game’s 1984 video mocking Apple – and where it comes from

Fortnite developer Epic Games have released a new ad taking direct aim at Apple.

The video is not only an attack on the company’s app store policies and the decision to ban Fortnite from the app store, but also parodies an ad that is central to the way the world sees Apple, and how it sees itself.

It mocks Apple’s famous ‘1984’ ad – arguably the most famous and well-regarded commercial of all time – in which the company positioned itself as crusaders against conformity and the means of achieving freedom.

Fortnite used the parody to suggest that it had given up on this principle, and that it was now the kind of corporate behemoth that it intended to attack with the ad. (Epic Games makes billions of dollars a year through Fortnite, and itself is one of the biggest companies in the world.)