Apple vs. Epic Games Fortnite Lawsuit Timeline

Epic Games released a statement on Aug. 13, announcing a permanent price reduction of 20 percent off all V-Bucks purchases and real-money offers when using select payment methods. 

In addition to a free pickaxe that was gifted to players to celebrate the occasion, Epic’s new way of reducing the price for mobile users caught the attention of fans, Apple, and Google. With the patch, the developer implemented a system named “Epic direct payment,” which allowed players to directly pay Epic, bypassing Google and Apple in the process.

Apple and Google are known for their notorious 30-percent fees for every in-app purchase, leading developers to increase their mobile prices more than what they are on PC and consoles.

While the announcement called for a celebration within the Fortnite community, the events that unfolded later cast a shadow on what looked to be a historic day in the game’s history. Here’s a timeline of the events that transpired.

1) Epic Games announces the Mega Drop event

Image via Epic Games

On Aug. 13 at 9am CT, Epic dropped a blog post, showcasing the price drop and explaining that it was always looking for new opportunities to “bring value to Fortnite.”

This was the first time that Epic initiated a price drop since the game’s release and the developer seemingly took every measure to do right by the community during the process. These measures included gifting additional V-Bucks to everyone who made a V-Buck purchase over the last month and not changing the rate that Support-A-Creator program members make.

2) Apple removes Fortnite from the App Store

Screengrab via Apple

Shortly after Epic’s initial statement, Apple retaliated by completely removing Fortnite from its App Store, making it impossible for players to download the game. This measure didn’t prevent the players who already had the game installed from playing, however. But players who searched for Fortnite in the App Store were greeted with third-party applications…