Owl fires back after he & Bugha receive teaming warnings

Competitive Fortnite players are no strangers to teaming, cheating, and skirting the rules. There isn’t a week that goes by without an allegation or outright exposure of someone for cheating in Fortnite in one way or another – whether that’s using third-party hacks, macros, or teaming with another player.

Teaming is the most difficult allegation to prove out of all of these. We saw this displayed with the FaZe Dubs situation. A compilation of clips looked to show Dubs teaming with Waffles, but a later explanation from Dubs change the minds of a lot of viewers. Dubs and Waffles received a competitive ban, nonetheless.

We have a similar situation on our hands, here. A clip surfaced of Bugha being eliminated by KNG pro, Co1azo. Bugha was in a Discord call with Owl, at the time, and told him, “Bro, s**t on this kid, Owl.” Both of them ended up dying to Co1azo.

A few days later, Bugha tweeted a screenshot of a warning that he received. The warning stated, “Due to your recent actions, you have been issued a competitive warning for: Collusion/Match Fixing. Please refrain from repeat offenses as you may receive an account ban.

Owl received one of these as well, and didn’t take too kindly to it. He posted a compilation of clips to show that he and Bugha weren’t teaming throughout the competition. In the above clip, you can even hear Bugha undeafen on Discord to tell Owl to kill Co1azo.

“Me, Bugha, and Nosh were all in the same call in that game. NOSH WAS LITERALLY FIGHTING BUGHA WE WERE ALL DEAFENED. Bug undeafens as I’m already in the box not before and tells me to kill him cuz it’s my SKIN,” Owl wrote in a tweet.

Epic make it a point never to clarify their bans or warnings. The fact that these players were in a Discord call…