Fortnite adds cheaper mobile payment option to circumvent Apple, Google fees •

Epic Games has added a new “direct payment” option to Fortnite on iPhone and Android devices, aimed at cutting out the portion of proceeds Apple and Google take via their own official stores.

Epic has long railed against Apple and Google’s 30 per cent cut, and previously launched Fortnite on Android via its own launcher to get around the issue.

The launch of a new, cheaper direct payment option in-game seems to be Epic’s latest salvo in this ongoing battle. On both mobile platforms, £9.99 of in-game currency (1000 V-Bucks) will now cost £7.99 if you pick the option to pay Epic directly.


“Apple and Google collect an exorbitant 30 per cent fee on all payments,” Epic said in a spicy FAQ published today. “If Apple and Google lower their fees on payments, Epic will pass along the savings to players.

“Thousands of apps on the App Store approved by Apple accept direct payments, including commonly used apps like Amazon, Grubhub, Nike SNKRS, Best Buy, DoorDash, Fandango, McDonalds, Uber, Lyft, and StubHub. We think all developers should be free to support direct payments in all apps.

“In operating Fortnite on open platforms and operating the Epic Games Store, Epic has processed over $1,600,000,000 of direct payments successfully, and uses industry trusted encryption and security measures to protect customer transactions.”

All of this is good news for Fortnite players on PC and consoles, too. As part of a move Epic has termed “The Fortnite Mega Drop”, it has reduced the prices for both V-Bucks and real-money offerings on PC, PlayStation, Nintendo Switch and Xbox.

This is a permanent reduction, and knocks down all prices by around 20 per cent. It means, on those platforms, 1000 V-Bucks now costs £6.49 instead of £7.99.


If you have purchased anything in the last 30 days (such as that naked Peely Summer Legends bundle) Epic will refund you the difference between what you paid then and what it costs now. This applies to anything…