Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 3 Week 9 Challenges Leaked

Here are all of the challenges that have been leaked for Week 9 of Fortnite Chapter 2, Season 3.

We are now in Week 9 of Fortnite Chapter 2, Season 3 and it looks like are nearing the end of the season as it appears as though this season is not being extended! That means that players will need to ensure they have at least reached level 100 of this seasons Battle Pass to unlock all of the exclusive rewards.

The challenges this season awards players with 35,000 XP and the team challenges rewards players with 80,000 XP each, so completing all challenges will help you to level up quicker. There are also some secret challenges this season and we have made guides on how these quests can be completed for extra XP, all of which can be seen by clicking here.


Challenges this season go live on Thursdays at 2pm BST and the challenges for Week 9 of Season 3 have already been leaked and can be seen below:

  • Search Chests at Pleasant Park (7)
  • Eliminations at The Fortilla (3)
  • Gas up a Vehicle at Catty Corner (1)
  • Stoke Campfires at Camp Cod (3)
  • Collect Metal at Hydro 16 (200)
  • Eliminate Henchmen or Marauders (7)
  • Eliminate Henchmen or Marauders (70)

The challenges are self explanatory but we will be posting guides where needed once the challenges are live in-game. The team challenge this week will be to eliminate 70 Henchmen or Marauders around the map and completing this challenge will grant you 80,000 XP. You can complete the team challenges by yourself, but it would be quicker to complete them with other players.

Remember, the awards for the Battle Pass are only available for this season, so if you do not reach level 100 by the end of the season, the free cosmetics awarded for levelling up will no longer be available to you. There are also Punch Cards you can complete for additional XP, making it easier to complete the Battle Pass.