Ninja just went live on Twitch playing Fortnite with DrLupo

Image via Ninja

Ninja has returned to Twitch.

The Fortnite superstar who left the streaming site for Mixer last year went live on Twitch for the first time in a year this morning, playing Fortnite with DrLupo.

Ninja’s viewer count skyrocketed to over 90,000 within 10 minutes of going live, showing that there’s still a demand for both him and Fortnite. He has only streamed one other time since Mixer closed down last month with an impromptu YouTube stream.

Since he left for Mixer, Ninja is no longer a Twitch partner, so he no longer has a Subscribe button or Partner status. But the viewers were still excited to see him back live on Twitch nonetheless.

Today’s return stream does not mean he has signed exclusively with Twitch. It appears that Ninja is testing the waters of platforms like YouTube and Twitch to see where he might end up for the long term.

You can check out the stream right now as Ninja and DrLupo are enjoying Fortnite’s newest update, which added driveable vehicles to the map.