Fortnite Season 3 Week 8 challenge guide

If feels like fishing has been in Fortnite forever, but it’s only been in the game since the release of Chapter 2 Season 1. Since then, it’s become one of the primary forms of obtaining powerful healing items in the game. Most pro players wouldn’t feel comfortable going into end-game without a stack of Floppers in their inventory.

The mechanic has changed very little since its first release – with the only adjustment coming by way of Harpoon Guns a few weeks after Season 1 began. Now, months later, fishing looks identical to how it did back then.

That might not be true for long, however. In the Fortnite v13.40 update, data miners found a host of new fish types in the game files. By our count, there are over 30 new fish types in here – not including Floppers, Slurpfish, and Small Fries that appear to be shown here as well.

We don’t know a lot about these new Floppers, but Hypex tweeted some numbers that correspond to some of what we’re seeing.

There are figures for healing statistics, duration, and radius – which indicates that some of these fish will heal you over time while others may heal you and your teammates.

Fellow data miner, FireMonkey, tweeted some names for these fish as well. There is going to be a ton of variety in the fishing holes, pretty soon. According to FireMonkey, these fish probably won’t come out until Season 4, although that’s only speculation and could be incorrect.

Along with these new fish come new challenges. They relate to catching all of the different types of fish and adding them to your collection. You’ll receive achievements for catching new fish, rare fish, and more.